Integrate Spotify and Office 365 using the Code Snippet Tile

Spotify is one of the world’s largest streaming services,

“For a reasonable monthly subscription fee that’s less than the cost of an album ($9.99), users are treated to an ad-free buffet of music that they can even store offline” (Wolff-Mann).

Spotify can add tremendous value to a Microsoft SharePoint workspace,

“The average listener spends an estimated 110 minutes each day on the platform. . . Even some of Spotify’s largest critics grasp the platform’s immense value and enjoy the user experience” (Blau).

Given that “people absolutely adore the service,” using the program in a digital workspace makes sense from a user adoption standpoint (Wolff-Mann).

Integrate Spotify and Office 365 using Code Snippet


Spotify is also increasing the number of services available for users:

“A major update to the Spotify smartphone app makes it “the soundtrack of your life” by including podcasts, videos, news and playlists which provide music based on what you’re doing during each part of your day. . . The new app launches with video content from the BBC, TED, ABC, Vice News, Comedy Central, ESPN, NBC, Wired, GQ, Vogue and MTV. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said more will be coming soon, and hinted that some will be unique to the platform” (Charlton).

Thus Spotify offers many services that reach well beyond music, and has become an immersive part of the daily work experience. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek suggests that the increased services provided by the app will reinforce the user’s music listening habits—and result in increased streaming (“Spotify”). Given the wide use of the program and the expanding capabilities offered, with likely further additions, Spotify could be a helpful addition to an Office 365, SharePoint or Azure site.

Spotify can be easily integrated into a LiveTiles digital workspace with very little effort. First, open your design view, then search for “code snippet,” which can also be found under apps as “code snippet.” Drag and drop it onto the grid. Go into the “settings” and erase the code, then copy the code for the Spotify app and place it in the tile code box. Now that the Spotify page is showing, resize and reposition as needed. When adjusting the size of the tile, you’ll want to make sure that several of the tracks are showing.

Integrate Spotify and Office 365 using Code Snippet

Next, confirm that the player is on the page in “quick view.”

Integrate Spotify

Your digital workplace now has the value-adding streaming Spotify playlist. Songs are ready to be played instantly, all from your centralized dashboard of work applications.

For more information on how to integrate Spotify with your Office 365, SharePoint or Azure site, watch this step-by-step video.

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