Using the FORCE: SharePoint as a Holistic Tool

The need for simple and effective communication and collaboration across all departments within an organization is becoming of growing importance as the modern digital workplace evolves. When it comes to developing a platform to support these ventures, the goal is not to reinvent, but to utilize existing tools that specialize in just that.

As individuals and organizations become increasingly dependent on technology, it is important to invest wisely in a system that brings together a wealth of information and business processes and allows employees to locate information efficiently. The separation of knowledge between departments can lead to process inefficiencies and miscommunication, therefore, creating a collaborative space for disparate teams to access information is crucial for productivity and growth.

This is of course what Microsoft SharePoint does so well. SharePoint is used by organizations for a wide range of purposes. SharePoint can be used not only for collaboration, but also for document management, file sharing, version control, workflow management and intracompany communication. SharePoint is a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device, making it a holistic tool for organizations of all shapes and sizes.


Expert: Jasmine Hoegh

“SharePoint touches on every area an organization has to manage the Business.”


From process, workflow and document management, to IT and keeping the systems running, then to the look (UI) and feel (UX) of the sites and contents. I refer to these different skillsets in Star Wars terms:

Rebellion – Power Users that interact frequently with the business to document processes, develop solutions, and communicate the project out to the business 

Light Side – System Administrators that keep the back end functioning and often troubleshoot to get the business up and running should they have an issue 

Dark Side – The design aspect that wants consistency throughout the sites, forms, and content

“The skill sets developed in these three areas such as project management skills, critical thinking skills, and design are highly transferable and sought after within any organization.”

Jasmine, a clear advocate of SharePoint highlights that the platform is not a one dimensional tool and should not be used in that way. Rather, it is necessary to consider the business objectives when developing a SharePoint solution, and involves individuals who sit outside of IT. Her Star Wars references highlight her point nicely. There are three skillsets required in order to create a functional solution that will be embraced by end users.

“Rebellion” represents power users who are confident in SharePoint’s ability to increase productivity and efficiency. These are users who may not be technical, yet understand the value that the platform can bring to the organization. These individuals are key for boosting sustained user adoption amongst the rest of the organization.

“Light Side” individuals are those who are more technical, and assist with SharePoint infrastructure and maintenance. These individuals are also tasked with understanding information architecture and the flow of processes within an organization.

Interestingly, Jasmine’s reference to the “Dark Side” symbolizes the visual aspects of any SharePoint platform, including templates and design elements that are often kept in the dark. Brand awareness and consistency within SharePoint sites are often overlooked, yet in today’s modern world, a truly holistic SharePoint solution incorporates these features.

using the foce sharepoint

We agree with Jasmine – SharePoint is a holistic tool for organizations of any size across various industries. It provides the essential components for individuals and teams to communicate, collaborate, learn, grow and produce output that aligns with broader business objectives.

About Jasmine Hoegh:

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) that just so happens to love SharePoint. She often says that she puts on many hats as a consultant but has found SharePoint to be a consistent feature in the organizations she’s worked in. She was inspired to start her own business after being introduced to the Surface line of computers. The freedom and versatility of the products fit her life and professional styles.

Jasmine has worked with a number of organizations ranging from financial, healthcare, education, and automotive. She has used her experience with project management and six sigma to bring value quickly to organizations especially on projects focused on process improvement. “I love fixing or improving processes and SharePoint allows me to do so”

Jasmine has a passion for learning and helping others reach their full potential. She is a SharePoint evangelist and has been a proud consumer of Office products since she was in Middle School.

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